You have landed on the Beta-Pi dot Net web site. Browsing is permitted and encouraged! Beware though. The site is under constant construction while I learn to use Joomla!

Why Beta-Pi?

So why would one choose Greek letters as a web site name? It may not seem logical (Thank you Spock!), but my initials are 'BP' and my wife's initials are also 'BP'. One of my main hobby interests is astronomy, which makes use of the Greek alphabet. Therefore, Beta-Pi made some sort of sense to me.

Why does Beta-Pi dot Net exist?

The Beta-Pi dot Net domain has belonged to us for many years, but we have not done much with it except to post some pictures, practice and learn web development techniques, and also make available some local weather information and conditions from our personal weather stations. Originally I planned to put up a lot more information about our hobbies, pictures, and weather, but unfortunately life and work often got in the way so we could not give the site the attention it needed. Now I have the time and I want to get the site presentable with some information that will be useful to us and any visitors that happen to arrive.

What can I see on this site?

Amateur Radio - Information I have been a licensed "Ham" for about 40 years and my wife has been licensed for about 8 years. Although I have not been active for the entire time, I am motivated and would like to put information on the site concerning this fantastic hobby. I currently only have a mobile capability, but eventually hope to add a fixed-station capability. That will entail erecting an antenna system as well as purchasing base station equipment which will require a fair amount of budget consideration.

Astronomy - I have been interested in astronomy for many years and have done extensive reading and studying, but I have not done much observing. Now, since I have retired, I can spend more time at a telescope observing and trying out things I have only read about. I plan to document information from my efforts with astrophotography, spectroscopy, and general observations.

Photography - Pictures from our daily lives, including those taken during walks in the desert, trips around Arizona, family photos (may be restricted), material from other sources (rare).

Weather - We have been interested in the weather for a long time and have had a personal weather station in our yard for about 10 years, even  before we moved to the Phoenix area. Current conditions for our weather station (KAZWITTM12) is available on the Weather Underground site.

Woodworking - Another hobby of mine is woodworking, more specifically wood turning. I have (thanks to my significant other) a number of tools. Pen and other trinket turning have been the main focus, but I would like to branch out into other turnings and possibly even making some furniture. Now, I will tell you that it gets HOT, HOT, HOT here where I live, and the shop air conditioning is not configured for the most livable conditions, so this may turn into a mostly winter season hobby.

Rockhounding - Yet another hobby of mine is rockhounding. Most of my recent experience is with the members of the Daisy Mountain Rock & Mineral Club. Club members have opportunities to go on field trips to interesting places to collect all sorts of samples, mostly within 100 miles or so of Phoenix, AZ. As I do some reorganizing and design on the site pictures and articles may appear.

So, what can I do with the information on this site?

Browse, read, learn, appreciate (or not), remember, re-visit, etc. I plan to add some capability to accept feedback, but I will have to think and plan more to ensure feedback is constructive and pertinent.

What if I find something wrong on the site or I want more information about something I have seen on the site?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your input or request. I will respond as soon as I can.