Several DMRMC members toured the Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry & Gallery in Prescott Valley, AZ.


For current details about the foundry, pieces on display, events, tours and more, visit the Bronzesmith Foundry Website.

There is a small fee per person for the tour, but it is well worth it. You get to see the processes to create very beautiful and unique art pieces, many from popular artists from around the world.


Information for the Purple Passion Mine 2019 with the DMRMC

DMRMC members traveled to Date Creek (a little north of Wickenburg) on November 24, 2019


Objective was to find quartz crystals. Road is well-maintained typical dirt and easy for just about any vehicle. We were asked to park on the road to the side so other vehicles could pass. Both sides of the road have material to find. It is on state trust land.

Crystal pieces were just about everywhere you looked. Crystal formations up to 3" x 3" were abundant on the surface. Digging you could find crystal points and pieces, but mostly smaller sizes (1/2" - 2").


Here are some pieces we found.

Information for the 2019 Paleo Site field trip with the DMRMC