This is the main Beta-Pi Rockhounding Article

Arizona is a wonderful place to find interesting and beautiful rocks and minerals. A good way to learn about them and even search for and find them is by joining a club. The Daisy Mountain Rock & Mineral Club (DMRMC) is a top-notch group of people very much interested in many aspects of rockhounding: field trips, demonstrations, shows, special events, socializing, and more. Even if you do not want to become super active in club activities, you may want to attend a meeting to find out if the group is one you would want to be associated with. Meetings are well-attended, field trips occur frequently, and members are willing to help out beginners and less-experienced folks. Check out the club's website, and come out for the next meeting to see what's up. Note: The DMRMC takes a break for the hottest months, so be sure to check the website for meetings and event details.

DMRMC Field Trips (2019)

Bronzesmith Foundry Tour 2019 (Art & Processes)

Purple Passion Mine 2019 (Fluorescents)

Paleo Site 2019 (Fossils)

Date Creek 2019 (Quartz Crystals)

Woodpecker Mine Scouting Trip 2019 (Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Quartz)

Personal Field Trips (2019)

Aguila Road 2019 (Apache Tears)