Site Info & Rules

General Information

In order to maintain order and keep things in the positive vein we must have rules. This will make visits by everyone more pleasant, and they will come back and maybe even post information that may be useful to other visitors. That is my goal: allow others to share their experiences with topics of interest.

To that end visitors can register (create an account) on the site. After doing so they will be assigned a role, typically Subscriber. Roles can be changed by an administrator.

Four possible roles are available:

  • Subscriber: can only manage their own profile.
  • Contributor: can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them
  • Author: can publish and manage their own posts
  • Editor: can publish and manage posts including the posts of others

All roles can see the posts of others and make comments on the. Initiall all comments must be approved by an administrator. This may change in the future.

Posting and Comment rules:

  1. Absolutely no politics or anything related to politics. If a post or comment references politics or even hints at politics, the admin will not approve them.
  2. Absolutely no foul language. Plain and simple, if a post or comment contains bad words (and not just the 7 dirty words you cannot say on TV [George Carlin version]) it will not be approved.
  3. Try to keep posts and comment positive. You can disagree, but stay on the positive side.
  4. Verbal attacks or insulting other will not be tolerated.
  5. If you would be embarrassed for your parents, grandparents, or children to read and understand your thoughts, don’t post them.
  6. All decisions by the site administrator are final. Sorry, no discussion about this.
  7. No selling or promotion of business of any kind.
  8. Do not post information known to be false or misleading. If a reasonable effort can determine something posted is false it will not be approved or it will be deleted.
  9. This should go without saying, but no discriminatory comments or posts. If you want to disparage others, create your own site. Everyone is welcome here, but please follow the rules.
  10. More rules are likely once people start to post and comment. 🙂