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Wood Turning Challenge

One of the more challenging tasks in lathe work is creating segmented pieces. They are beautiful when one takes care in mixing different species of wood. The challenge arises in cutting the pieces so they fit without gaps, gluing pieces together and clamping them, and then turning them on the lathe. Mounting on the lathe can be tricky and one has to take some safety precautions in case it comes off the lathe at high speed or the parts come apart. 🙁

This piece was my first segmented bowl and I am proud of it. It is about 8 inches in diameter at the top. I think the different types of wood fit together pretty well. Makes for a pretty good candy dish for a coffee table.

Segmented Bowl Side View
Zebra Wood, Red Oak, Walnut, UI Wood, Purple Heart
Segmented Bowl Top
Segmented Bowl Top Zebra Wood, Red Oak, and Walnut Segments
Segmented Bowl Standing
Side view of segmented bowl, standing on base.

Wood and Acrylic Pens and Pencils

Lathe-turned pens and pencils are some of the most popular items made by hobbyists. Materials include domestic and exotic woods, colorful acrylic, crushed stone, and resin impregneated with other materials. They can also include inlaid designs of many types. If you have an interest, there is a pen or pencil design available to match it. Fountain pens, ball points, click, twist, parker type, and others. Trim pieces can come in various colors: silver, gold, gun-metal, and sometimes black or other colors. Pocket clips can even be customized for different occasions, professions, events, or specialties, such as a golf club, fishing rod, rifle, and others. Profiles can vary according to owner preference: bulging (as pictured), straight (aka slimline), or custom. Velvet-like slip cases or hard wooden or plastic cases are available for single or multiple sets.

Blue Swirl Acrylic Pen
Acrylic Blue Swirl Twist-Style

Acrylic pen and pencil colors vary tremendously. Just about every color combination or single colors are available. Usually these are highly polished, and they are very durable.

Padauk Wood Pen
Padauk (padook) Wood

Wooden pens or pencils vary greatly according to the species of wood. Some rare woods are fairly expensive, but they all have a unique character and feel. Most woods accept different finishes to protect the wood from skin oils or other contaminants. Some polish to a high gloss and others remain more natural finish.

Zebra Wood Slimline

A zebra wood slimline pen with gold trim. Profile is slightly bulging which is comfortable for most people.

Laminated Wood

Manmade laminated wood with different colors and species of wood. Various color combinations are available.