Visit to APA Claim – Sep Monthly Meeting

Went to an Arizona Prospectors Association (APA) meeting yesterday, September 19, held at one of their claims. Around 35 people attended the meeting and several remained afterwards to do a little prospecting. Several items were raffled off including: gold nuggets, pay dirt, rocks and minerals, fire starters, and chips (you had to be there). One individual won 3 nuggets!

After the meeting I met with another new member and we went to a nearby location on the claim to test out our metal detectors. We only found some bullets and some fragments this time. I returned to my truck after about an hour, and the other person went back to the place where we were detecting. He had found something interesting to pursue. Hope he found gold…

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Served for 20 years in the USAF. Afterwards worked as a Software Engineer and Computer Security Specialist, finally retiring all together in 2014. Enjoying hobbies of woodworking, ring making, photography, rock hounding, learning piano, and amateur radio.

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