So, life continues and we are doing the social distancing thing. Recently we have only been venturing out for groceries and other essentials. And we make some trips to do a little sight seeing (off-road mostly) and doing some things outdoors. Trying to stay as safe as possible.

Haven’t used much in the way of gasoline and our insurance company keeps crediting us with $25 here and there due to the reduced driving. I am definitely not complaining about that.

Been working in the shop making rings, turning pens, and turning wine bottle stoppers. It has been so hot here in the area recently that I only spend a few hours out there. The AC drops the temperature about 10-12 degrees, but when it is 115 outside, it is still pretty warm to work. I am still happy with the insulation and drywall in the shop. It is much more comfortable even with the excessive heat outside.

I have been experimenting with a Raspberry Pi V4 now that I have so much free time. Also trying to learn to play the piano. That is a long-term project, but I am progressing with some on-line lessons and YouTube videos to back them up.

Got a new metal detector I want to start using on some of the outings we do. Gold prospecting is the main interest here, but I want to try to find some meteorites too. Plan is for some travel and overnights to areas where searching might be successful. Need to cooler temperatures to make this a bit more pleasant. I joined a couple prospecting clubs so I can get some help when needed, and so I can search on some of the claims the clubs have.