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Weather conditions in Arizona may seem boring and repetitive. It is true to some degree, but one has to be aware that conditions can change so rapidly and unexpectedly. Dangerous conditions can pop up at any time. Just the damage the sun can do is cause for concern. During the monsoon season and other rainy periods everyone must consider rain and wind. Flooding occurs frequently. Severe thunderstorms spring up quickly. Lightning causes many fires. Dust storms (haboobs) can reduce visibility to near zero. These conditions often cause serious problems.

Staying aware of conditions and forecasts is fairly easy with today’s technology. Apps and equipment allow accurate and fast access to current weather information.

I have a weather station near my home, and it uploads current conditions to the internet frequently. The weather information is identified by Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) station KAZWITTM16 which belongs to me. No video camera is currently associated with the station, but maybe sometime in the future.

Current Beta-Pi Weather Conditions

Current Phoenix Area Weather Radar

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